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Drain re-lining, which is also known as a "no dig repair", is a fantastic way to repair underground drainpipes with minimum disruption.

Tree root intrusion can play a major part in blocking up your drains, once they have got into the system by penetrating through the pipe joint connections - they can continue to grow which will have a knock-on affect to the pipe integrity. Cracks, open joints and displaced joints are some of the after affects caused by tree roots.


Drain re-lining is the most simplistic way to combat these problems without having to excavate the drainage pipes which could prove a lot more costly - especially if the pipe in question runs under your property. The lining of the drains is a continuous sleeve which has no week points or joint connections so therefore the tree roots have no way to penetrate the drain liner and cause further damage.


Drain re-lining has several benefits and can help combat a variety of issues, like capping off any redundant runs which are not easily accessible. If the existing drain has not been capped off, then this could attract rodents to nest and cause further damage by gaining access into your property.

How does drain re-lining work?


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  • Step 1: Identify the fault with the drain - making sure it's feasible to carry out the liner. High-pressure water jetting is carried out to remove any loose debris or encrustation within the pipes. This is important, as it will ensure a good bond. A CCTV inspection will be carried out to ensure the pipe is ready to be sleeved.

  • Step 2: Measurements will be taken to ensure the lining is a perfect fit. The pipe liner used will depend on the size of the pipe etc. and any bends.

  • Step 3: An epoxy resin and hardening liquid are mixed together - to enable the lining sleeve to mould to the pipe - this is fixed in place using a specialist calibration hose which is blown into the liner by using an (air compressor). Once the chemicals have moulded and cooked, the hose is deflated and removed. This type of work is followed up by a CCTV inspection to make sure the work has been fulfilled.


Please get in touch for any more information.

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