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Whilst standard drain rods will help you to try and restore flow, the re-blocking of your drains and system is just around the corner. The use of drain rods will eventually push through the blockage but this will leave a large amount of residue still within the pipes. Set out below, are the benefits of having your drains high-pressure jetted.


High-pressure water jetting is a highly effective way of clearing blockages and cleaning your underground drainage pipes. Drain jetting has the ability to remove residue that accumulates along the sides of sewer pipes over a long period of time. Here at Only Rods & Hoses we understand how much of an inconvenience a blocked drain can cause - especially restricting you from using your facilities. High-pressure water jetting is the most simplistic and efficient way to clear the blockage and clean your drainage system.


Drain Jetting works by pumping high-powered water through a jetting nozzle which then escapes through custom drilled holes. The jets are then directed towards the inner walls of the drain, to help dislodge any standing residue or built up effluent inside the pipe. The nozzle has backwards thrusts, so this creates a vacuumed affect within the drainpipes, and pulls the blockage towards the chamber of which our engineer is working from. Some nozzles have a front facing jet which is used to penetrate a blockage head on. Different jetting nozzles can be worked with, which will help carry out the removal of stubborn blockages like fat, grease or tree roots.


As well as emergency unblocking, high-pressure water jetting is also a very useful tool for maintenance cleans, which are designed to prevent blockages from happening. Regular service jet cleans can also help to combat bad smells. Cleaning a drain regularly will reduce the risk of blockages especially if your drainage system is old.


Please get in contact if you would like any further information or require a quote or a free of charge site visit (subject to area).


All commercial and domestic works undertaken.

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